This project includes a total campus design on a wooded 64 acre site to support a new 800-student Elementary School and a future 800-student Middle School for the Okaloosa County School District. The civil aspects of the design includes new utility infrastructure, access and circulation roadways, parking for 200 vehicles, ballfields and playground areas. The New Elementary School consists of 54 classrooms and teaching labs arranged in double-loaded corridors in a “finger-design” that extend from a central corridor housing Entry Lobby, Administrative Offices, Media Center, Performance Arts, Dining, Kitchen and Receiving functions.

The Scope of Work for this 2012 project included space planning, interior design services, and complete refurbishment and up-grade of all mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and communication systems for an approximately 22,000 square foot existing structure that functions as the Student Affairs Building. The main task was to conduct interviews, establish Florida’s “State Requirements for Educational Facilities” (SREF) guidelines, code research, and coordinate design requirements with seven (7) different departments, the College Bookstore, and a tenant build-out for Subway eatery. Another task was to outline phasing of work to allow occupation of several areas to remain during construction. The construction was completed via a CM-At-Risk type contract.